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Published: 30th October 2009
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The UK based designer label Luke 1977 has been named after the co-founder - Luke Roper. It is a renowned and independent fashion brand solemnly focused on men's wear with stringent distribution policies and thus only available on selected outlets. Contemporary, classic, comprehensive and yet practical are some of the parameters which set apart Luke 1977 from other upbeat men's clothing.

Born in Walsall, son of a wedding dress maker, Luke Roper was continuously exposed to all basic attributes of cloth designing. At a small age of twelve Luke was well versed with the intricate usage of sewing machines and as a fifteen year old he was already making shirts for his friends. In order to brush up his skills to further proficiency he joined a local college in fashion and textile course only to be followed by a 3 -year specialization from Central Saint Martin's College of fashion in London.

Luke clothing lines provide a complete array of men's contemporary clothing well suited to every class. It has the right components of a gentleman, working class, youngsters and not to mention a bit of rabble-rouser, thus projecting it as a pertinent choice for every segment.

Luke 1977 has a wide range of caps and scarves matching up for every occasion. The Baggy Beany caps famously known as Gwarnin come in many colors and a special ensemble of Hemmingway striped scarves predominantly may grab your attention.

They also have a complete range of T-shirts in different styles and colors. The Monty Polo and Y neck T-shirts have been designed and picked in unusually interesting shades and fabrics. Most of the Tees are in subdued shades of grey, white, blue and black. Though one may also find the alarming colors of red and parrot green to suit their taste. The checkered Cowboy shirt in full sleeves is a positive attention seeker with bright red, black and white combination of colors. The Viper crew neck and Towney Y neck knit wears in full sleeves completes the range with wide variety of styling to choose from.

The winter wear with an absolute collection of Jackets and knitwear designs seemingly are in perfect sync with the brand image of Luke 1977 carried for years, as it is a flawless mix of fashion and class. The Clanger Hooded, Luke Watts and Marley Shawl neck are the diversified mix of Cardigans well designed to flatter and target every individual's preference. When talking about winter collection one cannot simply ignore the definitive and classic assembly of Jackets put through by Luke 1977. Most of the Jackets are in usual and pastel shades of Black, blue and grey well suiting the demand of all generations. The Tour Biker and Naughty Boy predominantly have been designed for modern age bracket.

The detailed and realistic understanding and designing of men's wear has certainly made Luke 1977 a brand that has firm standing in the top line of men clothing in UK.

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